KB Crate & Pallet, LLC is a regional manufacture of custom built wood crates and pallets.  KB Crate & Pallet is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and it effectively serves manufacturers in a 100 mile radius.  It's services are used by manufacturers for the national and international shipping of goods requiring custom size custom pallets, skids, crates, and boxes.  As a new company, KB Create & Pallet needed an professional business to business website with a professional design to support their branding and sales process by providing information about their business and allowing their prospects to easily contact them for a quote.

Founded in 2013, Pennsylvania Ambulance provides Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, and Wheelchair Van services. Is a locally owned and operated company and as of today operates 8 ambulances, 1 quick response vehicle, and 2 wheelchair vans.  Pennsylvania Ambulance provides 911 ambulance services to all of Lackawanna County and is contracted as the primary EMS provider for the Boroughs of Moosic and Dunmore.  As a new ambulance company, Pennsylvania Ambulance needed an initial website with a professional design to energize their branding and community awareness.

Wayne Ambulance needed a website that could better engage its various stakeholders, allow for fresh content, and convey the excitement of being an ambulance company.

Internet Innovations Group, is a Pennsylvania based business providing Internet and Network Integration Services to Small and Midsize businesses.  Services include Website Design, Mobile Device Enabled Websites, Microsoft Servers Support, Router and Wireless Configurations.  Specializing in Squarespace Hosted Websites.  We were in need of a Squarespace website that was representative of the Websites we create for our clients.

The village of Waverly at the center of the township was once an independent borough (incorporated in 1854) but gave up its charter in 1920 to revert back to the name Abington township. Waverly was named from the title of a popular novel by Sir Walter Scott.  In December of 2010, the township changed its name from Abington to Waverly. Waverly Township was happy with its design and simply wanted a website they could update themselves.

Lackawanna Ambulance began on August 4, 1998 as a small group of emergency service workers in the greater Scranton area who were determined to bring locally controlled ambulance services to people of the region. We have grown into a 10-year story of service and achievement now employing over 130 staff members and responding to thousands of emergent and non-emergent calls on a monthly basis. Lackawanna Ambulance needed a website that could better engage its various stakeholders, allow for fresh content, and convey the excitement of being an ambulance company.

Mott Tank Inspection specializes in the inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks, Process Piping and Steel Structures. In addition, they also provide Non-Destructive testing and inspection of UST’s and Piping. Mott Tank Inspection was in need of a quick website as-is conversion to a system that they could update themselves.

Thomas Jr. and his wife Marlén, wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to enjoy the Babunya’s family recipe, so they started a company called MELT Enterprises, LLC to bottle it up and make sure that others get to enjoy her secret gourmet recipe spice.  Babunyas Gourmet Spices needed a quick website that they could update as their business evolved and one that they could use to launch their online portion of their business.

EMS Training Institute of NEPA is Northeast Pennsylvania's foremost resource for the education of health care providers via a comprehensive curriculum of certified courses for First Aid, CPR, Public Safety and Emergency Medical Services.  They needed a website that would provide an effective first impression to their potential students as well as a website that would would continue to engage their students.

F & T Landscaping is a Northeast Pennsylvania professional landscaping services company.  They needed to replace their original website with a website that was representative of their landscaping work: clean, elegant, and professional.