ECONNREFUSED when accessing Netgear ReadyNAS with FileZilla

I recently had to re-organize some files for a client using a Netgear ReadyNAs Pro 2, so I inherently reached for FileZilla to utilize FTP client for a speedy move, instead of the slow process of doing it via Windows Explorer on a Windows client.

However, although I had previously used FileZilla to manipulate files on this specific ReadyNAS device, this time around I could not connect and would get an ECONNREFUSED connection error.

ECONNREFUSED connection error


 After extensively searching the Internet, I could not get a reliable answer to fix this problem.  Accordingly, I thought I would post what worked for me.......get ready for it........Restart the FTP service on the ReadyNAS!!!

Restart the FTP service on the ReadyNAS!!!


I am not sure if it had anything to do with it, but since the last time I used FileZilla on this device, the device went through a firmware upgrade.

Error received in FileZilla screen when attempting to connect to ReadyNAS Pro from within the network.

To restart service: Log into the ReadyNAS Administrator control panel via your browser and check off the FTP under Services and Standard File Protocols.  Hit Apply, wait for process to complete, then check box back on and hit Apply.  You should be able to connect now.