The Internet Innovations Group website blog is a collection of management or technical insight gained from daily consulting or support calls with our clients.  The content of this blog is directed by our client's request for help, so we presume that what one client needs, most likely others will as well.  Via this free technology diary we will inherently share what should be valuable and timely information to our client base at large.


Beware of Phishing (fake) emails, which trick recipients into downloading virus or providing personal information to malicious actors on the Internet. Below is a constantly updated library of Phishing emails I or my clients receive:

Security Alert: Microsoft Internet Explorer needs immediate update

Microsoft just announced that there is a security flaw in the Internet Explorer browser. This flaw presents an immediate risk that is actively being exploited on targeted attacks

Is Kaspersky Spying on your business??

Whether Kaspersky products and organization are involved is spying for the Russians, is unproved, to date. However, as a Russian business, that in itself warrant that the US Government not use it in its organization, specially given the latest Russian efforts to undermine US politics.

Turn Off Xfinity Hotspot

Comcast has taken it upon themselves to quietly turn on the WIFI on your Comcast modems to serve as a Xfinity Public Hot Spot.  So with the above in mind, you may want to turn off your Xfinity Hot Spot.  Here are the steps

Caution: Malware Email - Sertec LLC

Do not open fake email Invoice from Sertec LLC, it is Malware!!!

Employee and Computer Monitoring

The software I typically recommend for clients who want to be able to see the screen activity is SpectorSoft software, specifically SpectorPro.

Google Announces Mobile Friendliness Requirement

On April 21, 2015 Google rolled out its "Mobile Friendliness" requirements.  As per Google "The mobile-friendly update will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages -- pages that are legible and usable on mobile devices -- in mobile search results worldwide. (Conversely, pages designed for only large screens may see a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results.)"

Organize Your Outlook Email

Excellent article and video, "Tame Your Outlook Inbox with Subfolders, Rules and Filters" by Bob Fisser, that provides exactly the steps to organize your Outlook email

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End Of Life

Effective July 14, 2015 Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003 and that product will officially reach its End of Life status.  Although there are various implications and considerations, the main consideration is security and privacy compliance, specifically HIPAA.  The End Of Life means there is no support for the operating system, and no critical security updates.

If you have not seen them yet, Squarespace released a set of SuperBowl XLIX (2015) commercials based on Jeff Bridges "Sleeping Tapes".