Our sessions typically have all three elements to them, but it all depends on your definition of each term.  Accordingly our sessions will be labeled to reflect the predominant format and expected outcome  Here is our general interpretation of each:


Workshop usually means a session that is interactive where the attendees get to do something with reference to the material being presented.  In that sense there is a workshop element to our online instructor led training, such as our SQUARESPACE 7.0 TRAINING - GETTING STARTED  session.  By design these sessions are Online which means you participate via your computer and hence you have the means to try what is being taught, provided the the attendee is computer savvy and ideally has two monitors so as not to fall behind or lose their place in the presentation.  Our training is usually divided into parts or sections, at the end of which there is Q&A time, which provides an ideal opportunity to try applying what you learned without missing instructed material.


Seminar usually means attending a session, typically at a physical location, where a presenter goes over PowerPoint and provides general guidance and tips to understand concepts, but not necessarily step by step instruction on how to do something. In that sense our training does have a Seminar aspect to it, albeit online,  in that we present, via PowerPoint, guidance and tips to help the attendee understand important concepts.


Training usually means delivering step by step instruction on how to do something.  In that sense, most of our sessions are titled training and do indeed provide step by step instructions that can be replicated by the attendees to achieve and end result. In our SQUARESPACE 7.0 TRAINING - GETTING STARTED session, this is definitely the case.