Well for starters you do not need to be a web developer or graphic designer, that is the beauty of Squarespace, it can be used by anyone that knows their way around a computer and internet.

  • First and foremost, you need to be comfortable using an internet browser.  Aside from some preparation work, most of what is done with Squarespace is accomplished via a browser, this is one of the strong points of Squarespace.  The browsers we use during the training are Google Chrome and Firefox.  These two browsers are also supported on Mac and Linux systems.
  • You do need to know your way around a Windows computer.  Although the session is carried out on a Windows computer, the instructions can be replicated on Mac and Linux systems, since most of the actual work is performed on the browser.
  • You do need to have a general understanding of the internet, websites, and email so that you don't get lost in some of the discussions.
  • We do touch on manipulating PNG and JPG images/photos using standard image programs.  So general knowledge of a standard photo manipulation software or graphic design software is helpful, but not required.
  • We do illustrate the use of HTML code in Squarespace for the purposes of showcasing Squarespace's powerful customization capability, but attendees are not expected to learn HTML, this is purely for illustration purposes.

DISCLAIMER: Out of consideration for our attendees, we cannot use valuable and limited training time to instruct any attendee on how to use Windows, Browsers, Internet, Email, or any Graphic Design software.  Our training is solely focused on the specifics on how to work with Squarespace 7.0.  As IT Professionals we would be happy to provide one on one instruction, consulting, and/or support, at our standard rates, at a time after the session.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions, we look forward to speaking with you:

Via email: info@internetinnovationsgroup.com

Via phone: 570.267.4671