Online Network / Server / Computer Tech Support

Don't wait for technicians to arrive onsite

Online support is quicker and less expensive

Reduce your support cost by 50%

Most issue can be resolved remotely* 

For Network / Server / Computer Tech Support Call us:


or visit us online for remote support:


Via Remote Support our clients get a:

  • Quicker response time

  • Quicker Resolution

  • A break on billable time...

... by being offsite, our techs can typically perform other billable work, instead of charging for virus scans wait times and other long installations, waiting on reboots, downtime associated with travel time, and other overhead cost.

On average we charge 50% or less when performing remote support versus onsite support for identical support requests.


Keep your staff happy and your business running smoothly


90% of the technical support calls we get can be resolved remotely.

Most common Network issues

we resolve online: 

  1. Slow Internet

  2. Network access issues

  3. Firewall and Security configuration

  4. Wireless configuration

  5. VLAN setup

  6. DHCP configuration

  7. Router configuration

and much more

Most common Server issues

we resolve online:

  1. Online and Onsite Network File Backups

  2. System Imaging and Recovery configuration

  3. Enterprise Virus / Spyware / Adware Protection

  4. Microsoft Windows Server configuration and fine tuning (User, Security, Shared Files, Application Sharing, Remote Access, and more)

  5. Microsoft Network and Internet Services Configuration (DHCP, DNS, IIS)

  6. Microsoft Servers Solution Configuration (SQL, Virtualizations)

and much more


Most common Desktop issues

we resolve online:

  1. Slow computer clean-up and troubleshooting

  2. Virus / Spyware / Adware removal and protection

  3. New computer configuration

  4. Email / Outlook troubleshooting

  5. Software installation and troubleshooting

  6. Desktop online and onsite backup configuration

  7. User and administrator training

and much more

“We are extremely satisfied with Internet Innovations Group’s support for remote access; server issues, pc’s in the office, website development and setting up ‘the environment’ for our sales department.”...


..."Also the Internet Innovations Group is willing to teach individuals in the office how to fix some of the minor issues with our computers and server. Everyone is pleasant and eager to help in any way to help our office operation run more smoothly.”

 — Aboveground Tank Inspection Company



* For hardware installations and other tasks requiring onsite support we will dispatch a qualified local technician.